Russian Delegate to Arrive in Pakistan in July for Investments

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    Russia to invest in steel, banking sectors in Pakistan
    28 may 2011

    ISLAMABAD: Chairman Investment Board Saleem H Mandviwala said on Saturday that Pakistan is going to resume bilateral trade and investment with Russia after a long gap of 30 years.

    This is a very big initiative of the present government which would help improve the relations between the two countries, he said.

    "Russian government will invest in different sectors including steel and banking in the next coming months, "Chairman Investment Board said this while talking to Pakistan Television (PTV).

    He said Russian investment in banking sector of Pakistan would start soon, while negotiation on Steel Mill was in progress.

    Mandviwala said that Russia was a big investor of the region and its leadership is willing to invest in Pakistan's top zones.

    This is a positive gesture of Russian government for this region, he added.

    To increase the activities at Gwadar Port, he said the railway and road communication was very important.

    The chairman said that foreign investment ratio in the country has increased by two percent during the last two years and efforts were being made to further raise this ratio in days ahead.

    He said the Investment Board was going to launch online visa service next month for foreign investors.

    Mandviwala said that a special protocol was being given to those who were willing to get Pakistani visas for investment and business purpose in the country.

    File Photo: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (L) shakes hands with Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari

    Source: APP
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    thaT'S All the excuse hilary clinton will need to give the carte blance to derek prince (?) of XE (b'water) in pakland !!
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    its pure business, if they dont sold here. just go to next door, its noting fault with Russians...........
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    ^^ True, but what will they do in Pakistan in investments? They're entering the country when everyone is running outside. Only Chinese remain there due to their taming of Pakistan against us. Russians should really reconsider business with a place that has no guarantee for power, infrastructure, safety, management of resources and customer base. 180 Million might be a decent market but with the kind of situation in that country, Medvedev is really making a big mistake.

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