Russia Turns to China for Defense and Aerospace Equipment

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    Following Sanctions, Russia Turns to China for Defense and Aerospace Equipment | The Diplomat

    CASIC is China's main missile guidance and satellite electronics manufacturer. Actual missiles themselves are handled by other firms, but CASIC also leads on next-gen missile design, having put designed models such as the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, the CJ-10 long-range cruise missile, the PL-12 AAM, the PL-21 long-range AAM, and the PL-90 infrared AAM.

    This also relates to a recent consolidation of rare earths manufacturers in China. Previously, many smaller private players sold rare earths on the world market, but the new Chinese conglomerates tend to restrict their production for domestic use with a variety of soft curbs and sky-high overseas delivery fees (as high as 1000% of the original shipment cost). Aerospace and missile components use large quantities of these rare earths. However, China has waived these soft restrictions for its "strategic partners" - Russia and the Central Asian states - to incentivize defense-industrial cooperation with them.

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