Russia tops the list of India’s strategic partners: Study

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    Russia tops the list of India’s strategic partners: Study Published January 22, 2012
    Russia tops the list of India’s strategic partners: Study |

    “Strategic partnership/Strategic relationship,” –
    what does this much-touted word in global
    diplomacy mean? Does it mean a strong
    relationship bound primarily by security and
    defence ties? Or does it mean a privileged and
    special relationship between the two countries?
    There is no precise definition, and it could mean
    various things depending on perspective you
    bring to it. Take India’s case, for example. There
    are at least a dozen countries with whom India
    has forged strategic relationship and partnership.
    And this includes China, the Asian power that is
    often seen as India’s key rival and even an enemy by some strategic experts.
    In an incisive article in The Hindu, a leading Indian daily, Nirupama Subramanian tries to unravel the meaning of strategic partnership and some of the
    paradoxes implicit in such a characterization. She quotes extensively from a study conducted by
    the Foundation for National Security Research, a
    New Delhi-based think tank, that assesses India’s
    strategic partnerships and seeks to identify “what New Delhi should seek from these partnerships,
    thus aiming to provide a home-grown definition
    of the king of bilateral relations.”
    Titled “India’s Strategic Partners: A Comparative
    Assessment,” the study “assesses India’s strategic partnership with six countries — United States; Russia; France; United Kingdom; Germany;
    and Japan — by grading them on the dividends
    these partnerships have yielded for India in three
    areas of co-operation: political-diplomatic ties;
    defence ties; and economic relations.”........,......
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