Russia to assist india in military maintenance work

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    Accidents that have taken place in the Indian armed forces, leading to human casualties, have sharply highlighted the problem of the working conditions and maintenance of the military equipment.

    Maintenance and repair of weapons is carried out by state-owned companies from the defense sector of India. Now, a decision has been taken to involve private firms for expansion of the scope of work.

    According to Indian analysts, not only will the country's armed forces benefit by this decision taken by Narendra Modi’s government, but also private companies operating in the arms market in India.
    Experts from Bloomberg estimate, that outsourcing the Indian air force's maintenance needs alone might create more than 50,000 jobs.

    The Indian armed forces are equipped with planes, helicopters, tanks, ships and submarines built not only in India but also procured from the USSR, Russia, France, Britain and Sweden. The servicing and maintenance of foreign technology entails various technical problems.

    In an effort to avoid such difficulties, Russia has offered India service assistance in the post-warranty service period of the aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya”. On the 16th of November, Russian shipyard “Sevmash”, which has built this flagship of the Indian Navy, is opening its office at the Indian Navy’s base in Karwar, informed Konstantin Sivkov, 1st Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

    “In the relations between Russia and India, this is a new step in the area of cooperation. In the past this has never happened. Representatives from the shipyard “Sevmash” will perform maintenance of the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya. The ship’s main propulsion engine, weapon control systems, air defense system and other electronic equipment – these all are of Russian production. This is a very complex and expensive equipment that needs continuous maintenance, such a kind of maintenance that keeps all of this in a working condition and facilitates a subsequent phase of modernization”.

    Russian specialists from “Sevmash”, based from their Indian representative office, will conduct advisory services, organize protective maintenance and, if necessary, repairs. In addition, during the operation of the ship, Russian specialists will assist in adapting the equipment to cater to the new demands of the Indian Navy, provide software upgrades for combat and control systems, and much more. “Sevmash” will carry out maintenance of the “Vikramaditya” throughout its entire service life, which is 20 years, but may be extended.

    It is becoming more and more important to make things on our own and maintain it. In my opinion the maintenance contract will cost India quiet a lot and we have no much choice but to agree.
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    Maintenance is important. The Govt culture is not good for technical work. This is the reason why upkeep of expensive equipment becomes an issue.

    It is a welcome step to set up MRO facilities for fighter aircraft. Similar MRO facilities should be set up for non-fighter class aircrafts.

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