Russia Prepares to Counter Daesh Threat: Russian Defense Minister...

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    Russia Prepares to Counter Daesh Threat: Russian Defense Minister

    Tuesday, 16 June 2015 17:05
    Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 June 2015 20:15
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    Russia's Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday that the Russian military and that of Kyrgyzstan must be prepared to counter any threats to the security of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in the region in connection with the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan.

    "We consider cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in the military sphere to be a priority. Our cooperation is an important factor of preserving stability in the Central Asian region," Russian media quoted the minister as telling his Kyrgyz counterpart Abibulla Kudaiberdiyev, reports Pajhwok news.

    The meeting took place in the framework of the Army-2015 international military and technical forum. "The armed forces of our countries must be ready for any scenario, including the negative one."

    To that end, it is necessary to boost the combat capabilities of the Russian military base and the Kyrgyz army, Shoigu noted. He recalled that "contracts had been signed to transfer modern Russian weapons and equipment to the Kyrgyz side, their deliveries were under way."

    In addition to that, personnel for Kyrgyzstan's army will undergo training free of charge at the universities of the Russian Defense Ministry. "At present 316 service members are undergoing training, we are ready to admit more than 150 people in 2015," Shoigu added.

    This comes just days after former Afghan president Hamid Karzai said in a Russia Television (RT) interview that Daesh in Afghanistan would threaten neighboring Russia and China, but it won't be possible without the jihadist group receiving foreign backing.

    Daesh is "quite alien" to Afghanistan, Karzai said when asked how much of a threat he thinks jihadists pose to his country.

    Reports earlier this week suggested that between 10 and 12 Taliban fighters had been beheaded by Daesh in Nangarhar province.

    However, Karzai believes that Daesh expansion into Afghanistan would not be possible "without a foreign hand, without a foreign backing."

    But should this happen, "it will only be to go further to Central Asia, to hurt China, to hurt Russia", he told RT.

    "So, if you hear ever in the coming days, or months, or years that Daesh is on the rise in Afghanistan, and is strong and expanding militarily, it will mean that it is a foreign-backed force intending to destabilize the region, particularly Central Asia, China and Russia," he added.

    Karzai put the blame for the rapid expansion of Daesh on "foreign interference" in Iraq and Syria saying that it was all "the result of events" there.

    Karzai once again criticized the US and its allies for interfering in Afghanistan, saying that the declared war on terror lasted over a decade "without the results that we all expected".

    The ex-president also addressed Washington, urging it to "explain to the world whether they have failed in the war on terror, or if the war on terror has gone out of hand."

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