Russia developing new destroyer.

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    Russia has begun developing a new-generation destroyer for its Navy, which will be built using stealth technology, a source from the defense industry told Interfax-AVN on Thursday. “Research is being done now to determine the image of a new offshore maritime zone vessel, and technical documents for the project are being drawn up. This process will last about 30 months,” the source said.
    The future warship will be multifunctional, which will determine the choice of weapons for it, he said.
    “The destroyer will have a missile weapon system using universal vertical launchers to fire high-precision missiles at ground, surface, and underwater targets. The ship’s air defense will be provided by short, middle, and long-range anti-aircraft missiles,” the expert said.
    The destroyer’s artillery systems will also be universal and will be capable of firing high-precision guided projectiles at coastal and marine targets, he said.
    The vessel’s multifunctionality will also affect its electronic equipment, the expert said. “The destroyer will be equipped with a universal target detection and designation system, electronic warfare systems, and hydro-acoustic equipment to detect submarines, mines, and underwater sabotage groups,” he said.
    One of the features of the new destroyer will be a high level of environmental security, which so far is not a characteristic of Russian warships, he said.

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    Not good enough Russia.

    the US plans to install rail guns on their ships.

    They are already experimenting with land based prototypes.

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