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    OBJECTIVE OF DFI (Includes Indian Defence Forum and Indian Defence Analysis)

    DFI is a run by Indians to provide a platform for the diverse Indian people online to express their views and opinion. Although, we respect the principle of free speech, DFI is not a democracy. Our intention is not to restrict or stifle opinion but to maintain a level of high-quality discussion.

    DFI is an open platform and anyone can register and enjoy the discussions and participate in them but it has to be kept in mind that visiting and posting on DFI is a privilege, not a right.


    1. Flame-baiting, trolling, participating in flame wars and ad-hominem attacks are not permitted.

    2. Spamming, via posts or private messages. Sending unsolicited invitations via PM for other forums and sites, and advertising via post for any site without prior approval is not permitted.

    3. Please refrain from using SMS language and chat speak, and use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. Don't use all CAPS in you posts, it amounts to shouting.

    4. Do not post content, links which are libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing, threatening, sexually suggestive, hateful, profane, or contains racially, ethnically, or religiously objectionable material.

    5. Religious proselytizing is not permitted here. We are also not a platform for the bashing of religion. Generalization or stereotyping of any religion, caste or region is not permitted.

    6. No hate messages based on religion, caste, and region is permitted. No racist comments are permitted based on color, creed, region or country. These will be dealt strictly.

    7. Expressing support for groups that are internationally recognized as terrorist or criminal organizations or calling on for terrorism for whatever reason is not allowed.

    8. Advocating acts that are unlawful is not permitted. Any comment from any member that brings the ire of Courts or the law implementing agencies, and such authority requesting any cooperation from DFIâ€s end, the staff will fully comply, and pass on all such information that is requested about the concerning member.

    9. Calling names to leading personalities will not be entertained and dealt with.

    10. Advertising of commercial sites is not permitted.

    11. Making malicious comments about the forum or its staff, on this forum and other forums or websites is not permitted. Action will be taken.

    12. Public criticism of a moderator's actions is not permitted. If you have any concerns about a moderator, please contact an administrator via PM.

    13. Publicly requesting a member to be banned is not permitted . Any issue has to be reported for staff consideration.

    14. Blatantly advertising for other sites, political slogans, hate messages etc in a signature, post, avatar, etc is not permitted.

    15. Make sure to check for relevant, recent threads when posting a new topic. Topics must be posted in the appropriate forum. Make sure your post is relevant to the thread you are posting in, please try not to post off-topic comments, make tangential remarks, or otherwise derail a discussion. Avoid one liners. When presenting an argument as factual, please take care to be able to back up your argument with actual facts or evidence that you are able to source. Arguments based on unsubstantiated rumors or conspiracy theories are not welcome.

    16. We have many international members. Indian members are expected to be civil and warm with international members and make them feel welcome. They should not be hounded or abused. There may be differences of opinion, but they should be expressed in a civilized and a cordial manner. Any violation of forum rules should be reported to staff.

    17. Witch hunting is not accepted and will be dealt with.

    18. One liner posts, irrelevant Meme pictures and off-topic trolling posts are strictly not permitted.

    19. Do not post any maps that shows incorrect boundaries of India.

    Images & Copyrights

    1. Hot linking images from other sites are forbidden. Please save the pictures to your computer, then upload them if you wish to use them in a post or upload them on a image-hosting site and post the link here. Abuse of upload privileges is forbidden, this includes using DFI for image hosting or uploading inappropriate content. Copyrighted materials posted on the DFI must state the source in full.

    2.Permission must be sought to republish copyrighted materials that require the permission of the author and/or publisher.


    1. Multiple registrations by the same person are prohibited, if you wish to change your username, contact an administrator.

    2. Registering an offensive or inappropriate username is not permitted. You will be contacted to change the username and given one opportunity to choose another username.

    3. All new members are requested to introduce themselves in the Introduction Forum and tell a bit about themselves.

    Other guidelines

    1. Violations of criminal or civil law will not be accepted, and may result in the notification of the proper authorities.

    1a. Posting of maps that depict incorrect boundaries of India is not allowed. DFI will comply with authorities seeking information on anyone posting wrong maps of India.

    2. The administrators of DFI delegate their authority to moderators they deem competent to carry out everyday tasks such as promoting discussions, enforcing guidelines, closing and moving topics, issuing warnings, infractions and bans.

    3. If you are unsure if a post, picture, signature, link, avatar, or advertisement would constitute a violation of forum rules, contact an administrator or moderator for clarification beforehand.

    4. If you feel that a member's posts are in violation of forum guidelines and/or are an attempt to bait you into a response in violation of forum rules, please report the post to staff.

    5. If there is a history of confrontation between two members, we advice them to put each other on ignore list. Continued confrontation may make the situation worse.

    6. Staff's posts and overlooked rule violations do not set a precedent for behavior that is not permitted.

    7. There are Military Professionals on the forum who are accorded this status after due process. Keep in mind when questioning their experiences and opinions in their areas of expertise, making sarcastic, insulting or rude comments may invite swift action, and the staff may not be inclined to shield you from the consequences of your behavior.

    8. The staff reserves the right to intervene in discussions violating rules to preserve the quality of discussion, which includes requesting that an unruly member exit a discussion.

    9. Private messages written to staff members concerning moderation issues may be shared with other staff members.

    10. The rules are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

    Rule violations & consequences

    1. The Staff of DFI reserves the right to delete any topic or post and ban any user at any time without any previous notice. The staff will edit or delete any offending post.

    2. Consequences for violation of forum rules include warning or infraction issued by a staff member. A gentle reminder or friendly advice too may be issued, which should be taken seriously.

    3. Permanent ban will be issued for continuous violation of forum rules and disregard for warnings by Staff of DFI.

    Upon registration, you agree that you will comply with the forum guidelines.

    Determination of what constitutes a breach of DFI rules and guidelines rests solely with the forum staff.
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