Rudd to visit India in Nov to boost bilateral ties

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    Rudd to visit India in Nov to boost bilateral ties


    Melbourne, Sept 8 (PTI) Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will visit India in November as part of Canberra's efforts to come to grips with the spate of attacks on the Indian students in the country, a major "irritant" in the bilateral ties with New Delhi.

    The trade Minister Simon Crean, who just returned from India confirmed Rudd's trip to New Delhi. Crean said there was a commitment from both India and Australia that the education issue wouldn't derail the relationship.

    "(There is a) desire on the part of both India and Australia to strengthen and broaden the relationship," he said adding, "Prime Minister (Manmohan) Singh made the point he was looking forward very much to Rudd's visit and he was looking forward to strengthened relations between the two countries.

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