RT, Kremlin's Mouthpiece Masquerading as a Media Company?

Discussion in 'Europe and Russia' started by asianobserve, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Russia Today (RT) of late has been thrust to the forefront of the raging propaganda war between Russia and Western Governments on Ukraine. RT has a formidable following of die hard supporters that hang on to its every report as the gospel truth. But is it really a fair media outlet?

    I for one believe after having watched some of its controversial reports that it is nothing but a Soviet-style mouthpiece of Kremlin. It's main purpose is to portray the World view of the leaders in Kremlin, Putin in particular, and vilify its historical arch nemesis, the West. In the words of former RT anchorwoman Liz Wahl:

    Of course, RT's mission should not come as a surprise since it is essentially a Russian Government agency that receives more than $300 Million annual funding from the Russian Government. And RT has no budget cuts by Putin's decree.

    No less than Putin himself has essentially admitted that RT reflects the official positions of the Russian government:

    Interestingly, an American RT reporter has as early as in 2005 said that RT is a "propaganda tool" for the Russian government:

    Respected German magazine Der Spiegel has this to say on RT:

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    @asianobserve feel free to lambast RT as a Russian gvnmt sponsored mouthpiece. however don't tell me CBS and Spiegel that u cited r neutral / unbiased / not agenda driven. selective blindness syndrome - people choose to believe what they wanna believe.

    these days even diplomats r busy doing propaganda. I had a good laugh when watching the ex Britain ambassador to UKR condemning Russia's infringement of a sovereign state in an interview as if Kosovo were non-existent. indeed a pot calls a kettle black.

    again I call the UKR crisis a "paradigm shift" i.e. core interests of powers other than the West shall also be respected in a multipolar world.

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    Thread closed for stupidity
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