RSS is on a roll: Number of shakhas up 61% in 5 years

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    It is tempting to attribute the high growth in RSS shakhas since 2013-14 to a change in government; BJP is part of the 38 ideological affiliates of RSS that form the Sangh Parivar.

    But Pramod Bapat, media coordinator of the RSS Konkan division, insists RSS growth has nothing to do with a BJP government at the Centre, adding that the organization has flourished under Congress governments for decades. He says Kerala, with over 4,500 shakhas, has the highest number in India despite never having had a BJP government. RSS is also strong in West Bengal, where too the BJP presence was negligible till a few years ago.

    A law graduate whom TOI met at a shakha conducted under a flyover says he joined RSS a few months ago via their website because he supported their views on Article 370 and a Uniform Civil Code, and not because of the BJP government.

    In recent years, RSS shakha strength has increased as timings are adjusted to suit various age groups — students, working professionals and retired people. As part of its outreach, RSS befriends heads of various communities (for instance, the head of a blacksmith community in a particular area) and involves them in various social activities, gradually making inroads into the organization.


    Reach out to children and young people, that's the key. Good development overall.

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