Rs 9.5 lakh, CCTV, recorder stolen from ATM

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    Rs 9.5 lakh, CCTV, recorder stolen from ATM - The Times of India

    INDORE: Two miscreants allegedly targeted an ATM of a private bank at Malganj crossing and escaped with Rs 10 lakh and other valuable goods from the ATM centre. The incident took place at around 05.27 am.

    According to police, Rs 9.5 lakh has been looted from the ATM not by breaking it but by using the password. They have also robbed away the recorder and camera installed in the ATM. Police has arrested two persons in this regard under the suspicion that there were only two under contract employees of the private firm who had access to upload money in the machine. Having doubt on the duo, Devendra and Uda, police have taken them in custody for interrogation.

    The incident came to fore only when the ATM suddenly stopped working, the technical staff came to check the glitches and found that the cash as well as CPU of the ATM was missing. This ATM was launched in the area three months ago.

    Suspicion over the role of an expert increased as police were informed only after seven hours of the incident. Police has not found any finger print or other evidences that could be helpful in tracking the accused.:rofl:

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