Rs 55 lakh siphoned from bank account

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    NEW DELHI: Last Tuesday, when Smita Singh and her husband Gautam Arora visited their bank to deposit a cheque, they came to know that Gautam had lost almost Rs 55 lakh in an online fraud believed to have been committed by a gang that has cheated several other people in the capital.

    As per the couple's statement, the fraud was committed last month, a day after they furnished their account information and other details to the bank for a home loan. "We have registered a case and are in touch with HDFC Bank in this regard,'' said joint CP (Economic Offences Wing) Sandeep Goel.

    Speaking to TOI, Smita said, "My husband has operated this account with HDFC for almost two years, and recently took a loan from HDFC Ltd. The loan amount of Rs 46 lakh was credited to his personal account on September 9, and the entire amount available in the account — Rs 54,94,254 — was siphoned off within 5-7 days".

    The gang's methods were similar to those of another busted by south district police last week — the accused would deactivate the victim's mobile number by reporting its loss before emptying his account through net banking.

    The gang busted last week connived with a bank executive, who provided them with the customer ID and the password (i-pin) of the customer's net banking operations. Armed with these details the accused scanned their target's Facebook profile and other social networking profiles to obtain photographs and personal details. Using the image, the gang would forge an ID card of the target and then report the loss of his mobile phone, leading to deactivation of the number.

    Later, the gang would get a new SIM issued for the number by showing the fake ID card. In this way, the gang would get the victim's transaction alerts while he would not. In Gautam's case, his mobile number registered with the bank was deactivated twice. The second time after he got a new SIM.

    A day after TOI contacted HDFC Bank about the case, on Wednesday, it replied that a full scale investigation has found its employees were not involved. "We have looked into the case and have found nothing to suggest any procedural lapse on the part of the bank. We'd like to state that our processes and procedures are foolproof and do not lend themselves to any manipulation or compromise whatsoever. However, it would not be appropriate at this stage to comment on whether there has been a compromise at the customer's end,'' an HDFC statement said.

    The couple, who have lost most of their savings, are running from pillar to post to get their money back. "We first went to Sarojini Nagar police station and they said the case was to be registered at the Hauz Khas police station. When we went there, we were sent back to Sarojini Nagar. The Sarojini Nagar SHO told us to visit the cyber crime cell on Lodhi Road. From there, we were finally guided to the EOW on Mandir Marg."

    The EOW of crime branch has lodged a case of cheating with charges under the stringent IT Act. "We are investigating all angles. The bank officials have been contacted and details are being obtained. We expect a breakthrough soon," said a senior police officer.

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