Royal Navy shows off its latest radar system

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    [highlight]New system, called 'Artisan', tested by sailors off coast of Portland today It tracked sea-skimming target, before passing data to a Seawolf missile Missile was then launched into the air and blasted the object out of sky First time system had been used to track target ahead of missile launch It can track 800 objects simultaneously - even if they are 125 miles away It has been deemed a success - and could be used by Navy in the future[/highlight]

    The Royal Navy has revealed its latest 3D radar system which can track missiles - before knocking them out of the sky. The cutting-edge system, called 'Artisan', was tested by some 180 sailors on board HMS Iron Duke off the coast of Portland today. It tracked a sea-skimming target, before launching a Seawolf missile - which crashed into the object seconds later.


    The dramatic moment, caught on camera by crew members, was the first time the system had been used to track a moving target ahead of a missile launch. And it has been deemed a success - with experts saying the 'Artisan' system could be used by the Navy in the future to counter any threats in the skies.

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    Royal Navy shows off latest radar system which can knock missiles out of sky | Mail Online
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