'Rogue' elements in ISI, army may have helped Osama: Musharraf

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    'Rogue' elements in ISI, army may have helped Osama: Musharraf

    Calling Pakistani intelligence's failure to detect Osama bin Laden's presence in Abbottabad a ''massive slip-up,'' ex-President Pervez Musharraf has admitted that ''rogue'' members of ISI and military may have helped the al-Qaeda chief hide in plain sight in the garrison city.
    Musharraf, who lives in Britain in self-exile, said the "rogue" lower-level members of the powerful ISI and military might have known about bin Laden's location during the last year of his Presidency six years ago.

    "It's really appalling that he was there and nobody knew. I'm certainly appalled that I didn't know and that intelligence people from that time onward didn't know for six years that he was inside.

    "And there is no excuse for this great, massive slip-up. And an investigation is in order and people must be punished for this big lapse," Musharraf told ABC News.

    As a policy, the army and ISI are fighting terrorism and extremism, including al-Qaeda and Taliban, he said. "But rogue element within is a possibility," he said.

    According to the former President, there were three attachment commanders in Abbottabad in the past six years and he could not imagine all three knowing and harbouring bin Laden.

    "The possibility as I said, at the lower level, somebody following a policy of his own and violating the policy from above, is a possibility," he was quoted as saying.

    Regardless of who knew what, according to Musharraf, was the fact that the US raid was a possible violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and that there was never a deal struck during his tenure to allow the US to make a unilateral attack on Pakistan's soil if bin Laden was found.

    While calling the al-Qaeda chief's six-year residence in Abbottabad a "big blunder" on the part of Pakistani intelligence, Musharraf warned the United States that if it continues to alienate Pakistan as it did in the bin Laden raid, the US will be the "loser."

    "You want to alienate Pakistan, you will be a loser," he was quoted as saying.
    'Rogue' elements in ISI, army may have helped Osama: Musharraf
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    Thats Mush for you , skinning the banana Centimeters by centimeters , follow his speeches from 2 nd may

    1. Pakistan had no idea about where osama was
    2. ISI was not involve din protecting osama
    3. Pakistan knew about osama and passed info to america
    4. Osama operation had pak military support

    and now this

    rougue elements protected osama but the ISI had no hand , sorry mr mush the world cares little what u say , the incident is an open book for the world , dont insult the common mans intelligence by denying ISI involvement.
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    Rogue elements my ar$e..the whole bloody organisation is a collection of thugs, terrorists, drug runners and vermin of the worst kind.
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    His focus is on saying, not on what he says. He'll have to do it if he has to remain active in US-Pakistan politics.


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    Oh dear Musharaf. Every time you open your mouth the credibility of yours slides down a notch. You need a sanyas and maun varat than only you can think of coming back to your homeland. It is rather pathetic that you as a leader could not turn around the Pakistan's fortune to wards development. Now you are revealing the truth that was known to us.

    Here is one more fact that rest of the deputies(Egyptian born Zawahiri) of Al-Queda are under the protection of ISI and PA, who is living in the same as couple of middle rank military officers( One colonel and One Brigadier). He is being moved around in the darkness of night frequently. One of these days he will be caught as well with the help of local informants.

    So Musharraf stay tuned for the news, than you can start your spin allover again.

    Yet at the end you are telling us that we will be looser. If you think yourself to be a winner why in this world you ran away from your country which is heading towards self destruction. I am not a highly educated or political analyst of some kind but have very good instinct(self Honed) when I see and hear a liar it is 100% times a fact. It is time for you to come clean and save your nation.
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