Right to play act

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    Right to play act

    Haryana CM, Hudda has declared an intention to enact Right to Play Act, on the lines of RTE Act.

    How will it start? With good and pious intentions. But how will it end up?

    1. Whose right, anyway? Children upto certain age or even adults? Going to be tricky.

    2. Play where? In my court yard? Not at all. Then where? Parks? They play there anyway.

    3. Which games? Going to be very, very tricky.

    4. In what time? Lols, a lot many students skip a few classes in order to play.Sale of ipill is a proof.

    5. At what level? Heck, can anyone just amble into stadium and invoke his right to play in the ongoing test match? Will some people invoke their right to be included in the Olmpic teams?


    Once the bill is proposed, every one from the reserved category would demand a quots. Reservations in teams will have to be there.

    A scene from future.

    SP and BSP will shout: Why there are chess GMs from reserved quota. So a parallel GM title is floated only for INdia.

    100 athelete are selected for Olympics. 22 have to be SC/ST, another 27 from OBC. Muslims will demand 5 or 9 or 18 seats for themselves and fight it out with OBC. Before the dust settles, Olympics are over.

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