Reviving the Bonds Indian Armed Forces–Indian People

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    We fought the 1971 war and created another nation. We fought again in Kargil to throw an enemy out at heights few mortals would dare to traverse even in the best of circumstances. In between, we have continuously fought insurgencies and repeatedly created conducive conditions for good governance to address issues and integrate disillusioned communities. In these and a thousand other cases of floods, riots, and even small children falling into blind wells, we have emerged winners. Today, there is another battle we fight: the battle to retain the faith and trust of the Indian people. And, astoundingly, it’s turning out to be both difficult and protracted an endeavour with one too many setbacks that returns us back to the starting blocks every now and then.

    The best article I read, post the Adarsh tremors, was Vir Sanghvi’s ‘The Unspoken Social Contract’, that reiterates the Indian citizen’s romance with those of us who have/had the privilege of donning the Olive Greens. But, he also talks about every equation being conditional. The army – citizen bond that is the prime motivator to risk life and limb and yet say "Dill Mange More," in the words of Kargil hero Captain Vikram Batra, PVC, is at stake. Vir points out that the Indian’s "… agreement to protect, indulge, admire, pamper and respect the Indian Army..." can undergo a review. In other words, the very essence of our organisational strength and the bulwark of our motivational levels may not be there with us if we fail to maintain our own exacting standards.

    The business of problem solving begins by admission of the existence of the problem and defining it. The moral pedestal that we are perched upon, is rocking. Let us also say that we have the intrinsic strength to retain the epithet: The last bastion of the nation.

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    By SK Chatterji Brig. (Retd)

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