Revealed! The Truth Behind The Situation In Kashmir Today: Sajjad Lone.

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    This is the reality behind the present Kashmir situation as exposed by Sajjad Lone Elected MP of Kashmir....

    He also exposes the hypocrisy of separatists, who incite the poor below poverty line children to pelt stones while keeping their own children safely away from the streets. Not a single child/relative of the Kashmiri Twitterwallahs and separatists are on the streets throwing stones! Why not? Aren't they supposed to be fighting for a 'cause'? Are they using the poor BPL children as cannon fodder to further their own agendas?

    And finally, as everyone knows, he reiterates that Pakistan has always been and is a party to the unrest in Kashmir but their terrorists cannot be heroes of Kashmiri people.

    In short the Congress has screwed up the situation starting 1947 when Nehru ran to the UN. The consequences are there for all to see. And to add to this, successive Congress governments have messed up the situation even further by their lopsided policies.

    And as usual, that bi*ch Barkha Dutt is trying her darnedest to cover up for the CongrASS. It's amusing to see her getting embarrassed by these revelations!
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