Report: Israeli Special Forces Are Operating Inside Iran

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    Intelligence sources told the newspaper the "Sunday Times" that Israeli soldiers have entered Iran to gather information on the progress of their nuclear program

    Are Israeli special forces working in Iran? The British newspaper the "Sunday Times" quoted Western intelligence sources that claim Israel is running intelligence missions from Kurdistan in northern Iraq to gather intelligence and evidence that proves Iran is building a nuclear bomb.

    Sources claim that Israeli operatives disguised as Iranian soldiers use Iranian military vehicles in cross-border intelligence missions to measure the radioactivity and magnitude of explosives tests.

    According to the report, these operations have been ongoing for several years, but in recent months were vamped-up in light of the current situation. The forces have focused on the Parchin military complex near Tehran and the Fordow enrichment facility near Qom where high-level enrichment is thought to be taking place.

    The Western source explained, “We’ve detected clean-up efforts recently in Parchin that might indicate that the Iranians are trying to hide evidence of warhead tests in preparation for a possible IAEA visit.”

    Israel Defense | Israeli Special Forces Operating in Iran
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    Reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines is always very dangerous.

    Unlike sabotage missions which are quick Hit-and-run, recon team needs to stay behind enemy territory and gather intel for a long time.

    Hope, It doesnt become something like the "Bravo Two Zero". During Gulf War, SAS team was sended to recon on enemy territory. Give upto date location of Scud missile movemnts. Unfortunelty, The mission was a flop and excpet one guy the whole team got caught.

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