Replacement for AMRAAM

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    Boeing and Raytheon have always seemed the favourites to win the US Air Force next generation missile (NGM) contract. The NGM -- formerly titled with the mouthful of joint dual role air dominance missile, or JDRADM -- aims to replace the AIM-120 AMRAAM and the AGM-88 HARM. Note that both are Raytheon missiles. Meanwhile, Boeing has collected a series of wonderfully acronym'd research and development contracts from the Air Force Research Laboratory (my favourite is called "MR ROKM"). Raytheon and Boeing are also working on separate NGM demonstrations funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's triple-target terminator (T3) programme.

    But Lockheed Martin wished to remind folks at the Air Force Association's annual convention that they're also in the missile business, and, yes, they, too, want a piece of that NGM action.

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