Religious leaders in Punjab were on BKI member's hit-list

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    A suspected member of the banned Babbar Khalsa International, who was arrested on Monday in New Delhi, had been plotting with the outfit chief to target religious leaders in Punjab, police claimed on Friday.

    Narender Singh (43) was apprehended from the airport on Monday, they said, adding that he was on his way to Germany to allegedly meet a top operative of the terror group.

    Police sources claimed they recovered a CD and six calendars with photograph of slain terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his articles.

    "We had information that Singh was leaving India for Germany from IGI Airport by Qatar Airlines. The search of his belongings revealed two CDs containing incriminating material. The CDs contained provocative speeches," police said in a statement.

    Singh is based in Spain but frequently visits Germany.

    "In Germany, he came in contact with Hardevinder Singh, Chief of Babbar Khalsa International. He was motivated by him to join the Babbar Khalsa International in 2000.

    "Initially he was tasked to go to India and contact the families of slain militants in Punjab and provide them monetary assistance.

    "In November, 2011, he along with Hardevinder Singh went to Pakistan and at Lahore met Wadhawa Singh, chief of Babbar Khalsa International. There he underwent training in handling of arms and explosives," police claimed.

    "Wadhawa Singh also discussed targeting Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh (Sirsa), Baba Pyara Singh Panehare Wale and Baba Ashutosh. A case under the appropriate sections of the law was registered," they said.

    Singh told police that he came to India from Germany in the first week of February. He received in the second week of March, a consignment of two pistols, four magazines and 50 rounds at Jalandhar, police claimed.

    "He was directed to ensure that the arms consignment was kept safe for future use. The arms and ammunition has since been recovered from Jalandhar," they said.

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    BKI seems to have become active these days. They're in the news every month.

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