Regarding Communal and Secular

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    The horse of communal forces has been beaten for far too long by forces and political parties bankrupt of other agenda or tactics, however I wish to pose some basic questions in this context.

    Was the partition of India done on communal grounds? If so, how are those who agreed to it, as they had to officially by passing resolutions in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) or the AICC not communal?

    As I gather, the CWC passed the resolution on June 12, 1947 and AICC on June 14 same year. Nehru, Patel backed the resolution and MK Gandhi did not voice official opposition. Please cite records if this is inaccurate.

    So how come the greatest act done on communal grounds in Indian history and those party to it not considered communal but others who have not been involved of anything close to the magnitude of such an event are?

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