Reforming India's higher defence management

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by Zebra, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Reforming India's higher defence management: Will Modi bite the bullet? (Comment: Special to IANS) | Business Standard News

    October 16, 2014 Last Updated at 09:42 IST

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    Re: Reforming India's higher defence management: Will Modi bite the bu

    Uday Bhaskar has hit the nail on the head and all this was well known and experienced by the rank and file.

    The nub of the issue is "Politicians enjoy power without responsibility, bureaucrats wield power without accountability, and the military assumes responsibility without direction.". And what Adm Joshi has said is ever so true.

    That is why Chiefs have wasted their time over trifles like changing the Gorget Patches of the Flag Rank officers and ordering the personnel to wear the combat dress every Friday even if they were in mere pen pusher appointment or ordering folks to say Jai Hind, but also allowing Regimental customs of greeting to carry on.

    In fact, that was the some total of authority that the Chiefs had.

    It is time to integrate the Defence Ministry with the Forces and also the Finance chaps in the MOD.

    Given that bureaucrats and politicians who are Defence Ministers and have no clue which the butt or the barrel of a rifle, should belay line and allow the actual military heads, i.e. the Chiefs to operate with greater authority than being mere victims of the bureaucratic and political mess.
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    Re: Reforming India's higher defence management: Will Modi bite the bu

    I am reading The Civil War. A Narrative. by Shelby Foote. It begins with Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis sorting out their issues with Union and Confederate military leaders before and early in the war. It really is fascinating. In both cases, the two Presidents, USA and CSA, did not identify the most able men who emerged as the best generals for many months. Both Grant and Lee had to overcome unfavorable publicity and hostile newspaper editors. I imagine the process is the same today in any army.

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