Red Alert Tribal and Friends!

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    The Maoist agenda is still about seizing State power through an armed insurrection.

    It has been losing support amongst the tribal, which was their backbone, because of various Govt initiatives and a more concerted e

    The Maoists have no option but to be rural based, having realised the futility of urban insurgency during the Naxalite movement in Bengal.

    To be rural based, they require safe areas and that is only in the jungles where the urban oriented police and para military are not in their combat elements. Hence it is relatively safe for the Maoists.

    It is also ideal since the tribal are a deprived lot who have grievances. These grievances can be exploited and favour with the tribal can be garnered and hence assistance and safety being in their midst. These tribal are also assisted by NGOs and religious organisations and the money so given can get funneled to the Maoist.

    Therefore, it is essential to cut the source of support that the Maoists get indirectly through the funds the NGOs and religious organisations provide for the upliftment of the tribal, but get misused!

    Honest officers in the govt should be posted in these areas so that they can actually ensure that govt funds are properly used for the tribal as also, without favour or fear, monitor the funds given to the tribal by their well wishers in the NGOs and religious cadres.
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