Ready to Tweak Iron Dome air defense system for Indian Needs : Israel

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    A senior Israel defence ministry official who is currently in India has told Indian media agencies that Israel is ready to Tweak all-weather mobile air defense system Iron Dome to meet India’s own security needs . Israel designed Iron Dome system to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired at its borders . But Indian Security requirements are not same as Israel and Israel is ready to work with India to Tweak Iron Dome air defense system for Indian Needs said the official.

    Tweaks Which Israel was willing to carry out was longer Interception range and ability to Intercept LACM ( land attack cruise missile ) and even Heavier long range multi-barrel rocket launchers (MBRL) which current Iron Dome System demonstrated when it successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gaza few years back .

    Israel had offered Iron Dome air defense system to Indian Armed forces few years back , But Indian Air force had openly declared that Iron Dome is not suitable for its service requirements and IAF was not Interested in Such System. But last few years Media has been reporting that India wants to place Iron Dome batteries around its strategic assets to protect them but no officials has commented of any development of purchase of Iron Dome.

    Interestingly DRDO is also working on an Short range Interceptor which will be able to take down Cruise missiles , conventional artillery and short range battlefield range ballistic missile which Pakistan has been developing to counter India’s supposed Cold Start doctrine . DRDO is working on a Mobile battlefield Interceptor which will move with troops and will be able to provide a shield against Cruise or battlefield range ballistic missile like Nasr which could be equipped with “low-yield battlefield deterrent” Nuke to target advancing enemy force . can confirm development of such missile but not more information is available when the missile will be tested and will be ready to enter Production .

    Sources :- IDRW

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