Reaching out to Indo/Dharma communities outside

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by Otm Shank2, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Nov 14, 2014
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    canada eh
    As a west Indian I wonder why we rarely had contact community wise with bharat outside hindu/temple misdions like the sabha.

    Mr Modis recent words and reaching out to fiji was so comforting to Indians who have been disenfranchised from Bharat but despite that see themselves as indian in culture and spirit

    I feel economic investment would mean the most and many indian/hindu communities like in South America and the carrib would greatly enhance indias influence and economic growth.

    religiously missionaries prey on hindus inthese areas and we lose our culture and roots.

    I know the subcontinent needs our communities attentiin the most but wonder if us in the west who form majority hindu states like Trinidad guyana Suriname etc even part of bharats political or cultural discourse?

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