Raytheon Completes Perfect QELTA Tests for U.S. Air Force

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    Raytheon Completes Perfect QELTA Tests for U.S. Air Force
    UNITED STATES - 21 JUNE 2011

    Raytheon Company tested its Quiet Eyes Laser Turret Assembly for the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. During hundreds of test runs, QELTA consistently detected and defeated all threats.

    A Defense Acquisition Challenge program winner, QELTA provides the U.S. Air Force an affordable and highly reliable Large Aircraft Infrared Counter Measure (LAIRCM) turret solution.

    "The results clearly demonstrate Raytheon's commitment to aircraft survivability," said Mike Booen, Raytheon's vice president of Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems. "Raytheon's QELTA system defeated every threat the U.S. Air Force presented; it was a flawless performance."

    Raytheon was awarded the first LAIRCM contract to develop a more affordable and reliable counter measure system that would reduce weight, improve performance and integrate into the existing footprint of large fixed-wing aircraft.

    "Our solution is nearly half the weight of the existing system and draws significantly less power," said Booen. "QELTA is twice as reliable as the current system at half the acquisition cost and will significantly reduce life-cycle costs."

    Source: Raytheon Company

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