Rape of Indian Seas

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    It appears that the 2.02 million square kilometres which extends up to 200 nautical miles from the Indian coast is a legalised 'poachers' paradise.

    Though the Indian Govt initiative to trawl the deep seas for fish by Indian interests, it appears that it is being cleverly manipulated by unscrupulous elements wherein the catch of Tuna is off loaded midsea on foreign vessels and sold at higher prices in foreign markets (earlier the boats themselves sold off the catch in foreign ports),

    In the bargain, India is losing between Rs 815.63 crore and Rs 1,196.26 crore ($150 million to $220 million) annually as also losing fish which are Indian favourites which are also get caught in the nets and not required in the foreign posts. Hilsa is one such fish which requires to spawn up river like the salmon and through this practice, the numbers are dwindling.

    Hopefully, the Hyderabad High Court's decision, when given, will prod the Govt to make good their lethargic and lacklustre attitude towards legalised stealing of Indian marine wealth!
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    One more reason why Hilsa is so costly now and the production continuously declining is because demand is far greater than supply. Hilsa swims upstream to freshwater, where it lays eggs, then it moves back to sea. AFAIK, there is a law which prohibits catching Hilsa while it is swimming upstream to lay eggs. But our fisherman do not care and flout it all the time. A report in India Today, probably in 2009 talked about this issue.

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