Ramayana, Hanuman Chalisa to reveal their Urdu avatars this Saturday

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    Come Saturday, and the epic Indian mythological texts – The Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita and Hanuman Chalisa – will reveal their Persian and Urdu avatar of sorts. The texts, which are a given in almost every Hindu household will be shown to writers and littérateurs. The Karimi library hall, housed in the 140-year-old educational institute Anjumani-I-Islam in CST will be putting up a digital presentation of these books that date back to the post 1857 period. Available for seeing, will be pages that have partly crumbled and become stiff, but continue to sport the motifs and flowers on their borders, which are considered synonymous with decorations in Persian and other books belonging to legacies of different cultures. Some like the Mahabharata, the text that documents the epic war, has all the weapons that went into it on its front page encircling the name of the historical book. Those like Walmiki's Ramayan even sport a picture of a saint with all his disciples listening to him. A list of various chapters finds a mention on the cover page itself. Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta has images of Ganesha in the inside pages, while the cover page adorns Krishna. Also on display will be Shiv Puran, Ganesh Puran, Ramayan from different authors among others. Zahir Kazi, president of the Anjumani-I-Islam, said that the idea was to tell those interested in these books what the library is all about. It is also about sending a message that books of all hues of various religions are there in the library. “Anjumani-I-Islam believes in inclusiveness.

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    Re: Ramayana, Hanuman Chalisa to reveal their Urdu avatars this Saturd

    Nice. IF anyone cares to read, they will mostly be delighted.

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