Ram dhun to resonate in Karbala

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    Ram dhun to resonate in Karbala! - The Times of India

    MAHUVA (BHAVNAGAR): The holy Muslim city of Karbala will witness a Ram katha! Renowned religious preacher Morari Bapu plans to hold a Ram katha at a hotel near Imam Hussein shrine in the Iraqi city.

    The Ram kathakar has also got necessary clearances for holding discourses in Jerusalem in Israel from May 1-9 and in Nagasaki from August 4-12 - the katha will coincide with the anniversary of the atomic bombing of the Japanese city, on August 9.

    Bapu, who has done about 710 Ram kathas across the globe - from Australia to US - is still awaiting final clearances from the government of Iraq.

    Bapu was among the first Hindu religious leaders who led a peace march through riot-torn areas in Ahmedabad during the peak of communal violence in 2002. A decade later, he is taking peace message from Gujarat to the war-torn Karbala.

    "The idea is to bring different religions on a common platform. Ram katha in Karbala will spread the message of peace," Morari Bapu told TOI. "There will be no updesh (sermon) but only sandesh (message) from the vyaspith."

    A delegation comprising Muslim religious leaders from India is likely to accompany him to Iraq. "Many who believe in peace will accompany us," said Bapu, adding he was confident of getting the clearances from Iraq.

    A number of Indians settled abroad will attend the discourse at the Old City of Jerusalem, which is an important religious place for Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is home to the Western Wall for Jews, the Church of Holy Sepulchre for Christians and the al-Aqsa mosque for Muslims.

    Morari Bapu has been championing the cause of peace for decades. He had organised a religious conference in Mahuva in January 2009, which brought together leaders of various religions. The conference titled Dharmasanwad had speakers from Jain, Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim communities.

    "The world is asking for the fifth Yuga (fifth age) - the age of love. My Ram katha at Karbala will talk about truth, love and compassion," said Bapu.
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    Iraq is no longer secular enough for all these things. They are swamped by extremists now while under saddam they were secular with modern outlook. The yank invasion has pushed there social mentality atleast a 100 years back that too on flimsy grounds of imaginary wmd's.
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    The war on Iraq was such a waste of lives and money and it was the worst decision the yanks ever made. Iraq was so non-fundamentalist and welcoming under Saddam Hussein. Just because he had proposed to replace the dollar (followed by Gaddafi) with gold as a medium of oil trade, the Americans killed him.
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    Brezinski / Cheny / Bush - The average American is quite clueless.

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