Rakhtacharitra part 2

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Dec 9, 2010.

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    How do you feel if a host invites you again after giving you a sumptuous meal ?.......and lo !! , surprises you with a feast that is more lavish than the first....

    Well ,thats how you feel after watching Rakhtacharitra part 2.....

    Except ,the word feast should be replaced by Ram Gopal Verma's hallmark , violence and gore.....and more violence and gore.

    One would have thought that the first edition of the movie could not be surpassed in bloodletting , but in the second edition our host serves it in dollops.

    But the dollops are more digestible in the second part than the first ,for unlike the first part , where the villain Nagamani Reddy indulges in pointless barbarism , this time the violence has a meaning , a purpose.

    The purpose is revenge , what else.......a purpose that is as old as the hills that stand in the countryside......and as an arbiter of violence , will probably outlive them......in fact ,will last as long as humanity does , which I hope will be a pretty long time ( unless we all go down in nuclear armaggeddon ).

    And who wants revenge ??.....The son of the man ( Veerbhadra Reddy )the hero ( Pratap Ravi played by Vivek Oberoi ) killed in the last film......

    His name is Surya ,and he is after Pratap's blood......

    By this time Pratap , the rebel-with-a-cause in the last film has turned into a semi-villain , as the arrogance of power and the need to hang on to that power makes him sanction the murder of innocents .

    Many of the shots are taken in slow-motion , and help to accentuate the violence.......especially the expressions on the actors faces in slow motion as they indulge in bloodlust leave a lasting impression .

    Ram Gopal verma tries to convey the same message as that of mahabharat , namely that war is futile , and if seeing scene after scene of murder and a pile of dead bodies doesn't convince you of that message , nothing else will !!
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    maddela suri shot point blank
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    He's dead now i hope all tensions come down

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