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    The Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit that the state government holds is its showpiece, a chance for it to show off its attractiveness to investors. Each time, memoranda of understanding (MoUs) are signed, often with extraordinary numbers attached; this year the government declared the value of the MoUs was around Rs 20 lakh crore. This newspaper has, in the past, examined some of these claims, and found them wanting. But an examination by a free press of such numbers put out by a state administration is one thing; outright harassment is quite another. And the reports coming out of Ahmedabad of the actions of the Central income-tax authority are difficult to describe as anything short of harassment.

    The I-T department has written to the state industries ministry, demanding that it turn over “the details of MoUs signed by various corporate entities with the Government of Gujarat”. The local I-T commissioner wants copies of “all such MoUs (worth more than Rs 1,000 crore) signed in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held on January 11-12, 2011” as well as in the earlier edition. Almost amusingly, the department also demands that the details of actual investments this year should also be turned over, so they can be compared to the MoUs. The supposed motivation for this request? “An inquiry pending in this office.” What conceivable inquiry could require such comprehensive data? This is clearly not based on following up a particular corporate return, the institutionally appropriate method. This is not the product of a broader inquiry into dubious investment in various states. This is a fishing expedition, pure and simple — and one that appears to be, as the BJP at the Centre and the state has pointed out, born of political vendetta.

    The use of all the organs of the state to go after those associating with those whom you dislike politically is reminiscent of the methods used in the Emergency. It displays a wanton disregard of the independence that tax inquiries should exhibit, and of the restraint a mature government should display. And it amounts to using blatant scare tactics against investors, something that a government that claims reformist credentials should never even begin to consider. This no-holds-barred harassment of all investors in Gujarat must end, or this government will stand guilty of further subverting yet another institution to political ends.

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