Rahul Gandhi's boys in Andhra Pradesh to measure up Jaganmohan Reddy

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    HYDERABAD: With the news of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy's political prowess reaching Delhi, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi has now send two emissaries to figure out the mood in the state and particularly among the party MLAs. After a visit to districts, the duo are now studying the scene in Hyderabad in a none too discreet manner.

    Sources suggest that the duo, Viswajit Rane and Jitendra Deshprabhu, are quizzing MLAs about their assessment of the political scene if the Congress enters into an alliance with YSR Congress. "They are asking four questions: What would the prospects of the Congress be if the elections are held simultaneously for the Assembly and Parliament; the reasons they think that made Jagan leave the party; what is the state of the Congress after Jagan left the party," said an MLA who met up with the AICC functionaries. The respondents were also asked whether they feel that Jagan will come back to the Congress and also the winning chances of the sitting MPs. Since it is a Congress survey the exercise is being coordinated by PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana.

    It is understood that the answers from the respondents have not been uniform. Some of them said that Jagan would come back to the party if he is assured the chief ministership, while others were less sure. Some MLAs suggested that fielding new candidates would greatly benefit the party with sitting members facing strong anti-incumbency while others favoured separate elections for the Assembly and Lok Sabha. Some ministers are upset with the survey. "Is this the way to conduct a survey? These junior functionaries are asked to report about MPs who are much senior to them in the party. This is not correct," said a minister in the Kiran government.

    A minister from Seemandhra region suggested creating Rayala-Telangana was a way out for the party to survive in the state, in case the division was inevitable. Some MLAs are said to have complained against the chief minister for his 'inability' to take along all the leaders. "There is a widespread discontentment over the Congress government among the people," was the comment made by a senior MLA. Other MLAs, however, thought that Kiran was doing a great job, especially during trying circumstances.

    The ministers who met the team include S Sailajanath, D Manikya Varaprasad, T G Venkatesh, Md Ahmadullah, Erasu Pratap Reddy, Pitani Satyanarayana, Vatti Vasanth Kumar, Kasu Krishna Reddy and MLAs Gade Venkata Reddy, JC Diwakar Reddy and M Vijaya Prasad.

    Rahul Gandhi's boys in Andhra Pradesh to measure up Jaganmohan Reddy - The Times of India on Mobile
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    Re: Rahul Gandhi's boys in Andhra Pradesh to measure up Jaganmohan Red

    Should not try to beard the lion in his den.

    Asking for trouble, come to the right place, as the saying goes!

    One does not require any observer to go to AP to realise that the Congress ship has floundered, run aground and sunk!

    Even erudite Kesava Rao seems to have given up.
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    Re: Rahul Gandhi's boys in Andhra Pradesh to measure up Jaganmohan Red

    All cases against Jagan Reddy will be dropped like hot potatoes if he agrees to align with Congress Party, `clean chit` will be produced by CBI. Sham of a democracy fooling poor innocent Indians.

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