Rahul Gandhi has no future, says Naveen Patnaik

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    Has Narendra Modi's elevation as BJP Poll Chairman for 2014 given courage to some to speak out their mind... :)

    Rahul Gandhi has no future, says Naveen Patnaik

    BHUBANESWAR: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has said he will keep his distance from both main national parties, joining regional satraps who are hoping that they can come to power in New Delhi as part of a front which does not include Congress or BJP.

    In a rare interview - his last one was a year-and-a-half ago - the leader of Biju Janata Dal also admonished Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, reserving his more withering criticism for the Congress scion. "I don't see a great future for him in politics. You can see how ineffective he has been in his campaigns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar," he said about the Congress vice-president.

    Patnaik, a former BJP ally who has been in power in Odisha since 2000, joins the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party and Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party in espousing a Third Front. Ahead of general elections due not later than May 2014, United Progressive Alliance led by Congress and BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, particularly the former, are rumps of their former selves as regional parties prepare for political realignment.

    "The prevailing political situation and projected electoral arithmetic through various opinion polls clearly indicate the emergence of Third Front as a viable alternative," said Patnaik, 66, who jettisoned NDA in 2009 before polls to the state assembly and Parliament.

    Against Modi, who was appointed the chairman of the BJP campaign panel on Sunday, he adopted a line of attack that is becoming quite frequent and seeks to deprive the Gujarat CM any credit for his claim of being a top-notch administrator. "The people of Gujarat were always more prosperous than most other states. It is the people of Gujarat who should be given credit for the development of Gujarat," he said, echoing arguments made by Mulayam and Sharad Pawar of Nationalist Congress Party.

    Patnaik's BJD will be defending a two-thirds majority in the assembly and 14 out of 20 Lok Sabha seats in Odisha.

    Like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did in March, Patnaik is holding a rally in Delhi on Wednesday demanding special status for Odisha to make it eligible for more generous financial assistance from the Centre.

    "We need extra funding for development of the poor tribal districts and also for more infrastructure in the state. In fact, states in which regional parties are in power such as in Odisha are the worst sufferers," said Naveen Patnaik, whose supporters believe he has a good chance in the prime ministerial sweepstakes if a Third Front comes to power.

    Despite its vast mineral wealth, marquee aluminium and steel projects by the Vedanta Group and South Korea's Posco are hanging fire because of local opposition or failure to obtain environmental clearances. Patnaik said he is in favour of "peaceful industrialisaion" and blamed the Centre.

    "In the past, due to faulty economic policies like freight equalisation, resource-rich states such as Odisha have suffered from the discriminatory policies of the Centre. Even now, issues such as regular royalty revision of minerals and new railway lines for a state that contributes so much to the central revenue do not receive adequate attention."

    Patnaik, whose party counts Congress as its main rival, tore into UPA, calling it corrupt and inefficient. "Because of acute leadership deficit and lack of credibility and accountability, now it has engaged in political machination and policy of appeasement to stay in power."
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    Well the political situation in Odisha is also murky like the national scenario.
    Though congress is the main opposition party in Odisha and the main rival of BJD, BJP also sits in opposition.
    A few days ago there was also talks abt a possible pre-poll alliance between Odisha Jan Morcha, the political party founded by Pyarimohan Mohapatra who left BJD after a ugly political drama and the BJP.
    If it happens I don't see any possible scenario of BJD extending its support to the NDA even if BJP manages ti get 180-200 seats in LS polls.
    Now BJP doesn't even have a single seat in LS from Odisha. If Modi campaigns vigorously then BJP might win a few in the urban areas in coming general elections, but not many. Just because of vote division between BJP and BJD, congress won 6 seats in 2009 tripling from 2 in 2004, whereas BJP got 0 in 2009 from 7 in 2004.
    The rivalry between congress and Naveen Pattnailk is also from the Days of Late Mr BIju Pattnaik.
    So, there's nothing to be amazed of if Naveen Pattnaik gives such a statement. Rather Modi and BJP should work so as to gather the support of BJD. when BJD was in NDA both parties won a combined seat tally of 18 seats in 2004. A post poll support from BJD even from outside of NDA will give BJP at least 15 more seats.
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    Hah...I always wonder, ye baahar ke jo leaders hai wo log Gujarat ke logo ke bare me kaise comment kar sakte hai ?? How many times did Naveen Patnayak come here in Gujarat?? How can he say we were always prosperous ?? If Gujjus are always superior, why can't you accept their decision ??
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    BJD Chief is merely using Modi's rise to ensure his own turf is saved by criticising Rahul G, not that it is some tough task to criticise a non performer.

    He is actually eyeing the space created by Modi's elevation to polarise the third front votes so that there is the Third Front option in 2014.
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