Quality of posts in DFI is going down with every passing day

Discussion in 'Announcements & Feedback' started by black eagle, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Sabir

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    Jul 31, 2009
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    When I joined , there were only 700 members here. In this two years I think, quality of posts and threads in the forum have deteriorated without much improve in trafic. There are less defence or strategic subjects. But threads intended to politicalor religious mud throwing are more common. As an example, there have been several threads on Gandhiji. many members who did not support his ideology gave their opinions openly but none of them dared to address him ' Naked Fakir' or 'Spineless Moron' or did not last here after doing such things. Threads with political orientation are very common nowadays and very often these threads turn dirty. There should be complete ban on using abusives against any personality irrespective of nationality or religion because that is not the way to go on. If we dont follow it strictly we will have no difference with some Pakistani forums. Even if you want to discuss about Zaid Hameed you can very well show the mistakes and make fun aswell. But just saying "...That Paki ......" does not add anything new (because everyone knows that already) nor it maintain the quality. Mods should be careful whether members are providing valid references in support of their specific claims in threads or posts. Doing it the forum can be kept cleaner as it was earlier.
  2. Ray

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    Apr 17, 2009
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    I assure you that it pains the Administrators and the Moderators more than you will believe.

    I am not either and so I can give some frank opinions.

    None love to he sitting on a dung heap, as you will agree.

    I am sure they try their best.

    They have tried to be balanced and fair and have allowed all sorts of opinions to prevail.

    They have tried everything in the book possible.to calm the frayed nerves.

    But I am sure we all agree that the posters themselves are responsible for the sad state we are in?

    Could we report obnoxious posts?

    Please note it should be obnoxious and personal and not merely because the poster does not agree with our views.

    You would have noticed that 'thinking' thread are given the go by.

    It is the one where one can do some real mudslinging that actually progresses into infinity.

    So, I think we posters should contribute to the thinkers and not the mudslinging timepasses.

    Let us show, as posters, that we are also the educated ones who visit this forum and not those who have enough of unlimited downloading facility!

    The choice is entirely ours!
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