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    I caught up with my friend who lives in the US last eve. The conversation veered towards the issue of quality of life in the US and the relative backwardness of India in this regard.

    Wiki says,
    makes me wonder if our government and also our people realize what quality of life is? What the people should demand for a better quality of life and what the govt should be planning well ahead to provide for it's citizens. A lot of things in India which are really bad are taken for granted as part of life but no ones works to change it.

    What should be the parameters that constitute better quality of life than present for Indians. How can we take it forward.

    Please cut the crap about spineless corrupt govt etc etc and speak about just the topic.
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    Quality of life depends a lot on the civil manners and methods of pursuing a lifestyle.
    Civil manners create the desirable, efficient ambience on the outside while your lifestyle methods help or challenge you at home and family.
    We know that it takes. But either we don't accept the responsibility or quietly chuck away from the effort. Just like blabbering on all the issues under the Sun and then failing to cast a vote in elections.
    At first we can help our lives quality by learning not to spit in public and knowing there is something called a trash bin to throw garbage in.
    Then we can reduce the strain on natural resouces and infrastructure by inducing restraint and rational use of them.
    We can learn a lot from Japanese, they became highly prudent in use of electricity after the Tsunami and Earthquake incidents.
    It was completely a people initiative. Everybody did it actively at an individual level.

    Then we can be a little more community oriented and a little less selfish. There is a reason we live in a society. Our greed and escapism erodes the basic purpose of it. No matter how well you hone and raise the "I", if the "We" is not doing well it will most certainly drag down the "I".

    So its a lot of individual efforts to be collated in the bigger picture- not a one man game for himself.
    When all this pays off, we'll see the quality difference.

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