Putin Cites Claim About U.S. Traced to Russian Minder :rofl:

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    Speaking to reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, claimed that economic sanctions were not primarily a response to the annexation of Crimea but part of a long-running plot by Western powers to weaken his nation and steal its natural resources.

    Finally, after an extended detour into metaphor, with Mr. Putin comparing Russia to its national symbol, the bear — beset, he said, by enemies who wish to seize its territory — he referred to one last piece of evidence that he was only acting to protect his nation from the aggressive designs of the West. “We have heard it even from high-level officials,” he said, “that it is unfair that the whole of Siberia with its immense resources belongs to Russia in its entirety.”

    Mr. Putin was apparently referring to an urban legend commonly mistaken for fact in the Russian news media and blogosphere — that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once complained that the mineral wealth of Siberia was so vast that it should not be owned by Russia, but by all humanity.

    The fact that there is no record of Ms. Albright ever having made such a remark — and that she has denied it whenever asked — has not prevented it from being repeated again and again by Russian bloggers, journalists and even senior Kremlin officials.

    According to an investigation by a former Moscow Times correspondent, Anna Smolchenko, the idea that Ms. Albright was jealous of Russia’s natural resources can be traced to a December 2006 interview with Boris Ratnikov, a retired major general from the Russian secret service. General Ratnikov told Rossiyskaya Gazeta that his colleagues in the service’s secret mind-reading division had read Ms. Albright’s thoughts in 1999, just before the United States-led military intervention in Kosovo that she had championed.

    On March 23, 1999, one day before the American-led military intervention in Kosovo began, Secretary of State Madeline Albright briefed Sen. Patrick Leahy and other Senate Democrats on the war plan. Credit Justin Lane for The New York Times
    According to the general, his colleagues had detected a “pathological hatred of Slavs” in Ms. Albright’s mind and that “she was indignant that Russia held the world’s largest reserves of natural resources.”

    Asked by Ms. Smolchenko to explain how the mind reading had worked, General Ratnikov recalled that the team had studied photographs of Ms. Albright. “By tuning in on her image,” he said, “our specialists were able to glean these things.”

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    I do not know whether to laugh or cry when observing what is happening in Russia. Like J.G said "the bigger the lie, easier it is to believe".

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