Punjab: Journalist attacked while stopping men from molesting girl

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    Attackers close to MLA - must be Congressi otherwise he would have been named like the Akali goon.

    Punjab: Journalist attacked while trying to stop men from molesting girl in Jalandhar

    Jalandhar: In another case of molestation in Punjab, a man trying to protect the victim was beaten up. The man who intervened was a freelance journalist. Police say Ashwini Malhotra was shopping with his family members when some persons in an inebriated condition allegedly started harassing a girl.

    "Ashwini Malhotra, a journalist with a news channel, was shopping with his family members when some persons in an inebriated condition teased a girl," Deputy Commissioner of Police Sarabjit Singh said.

    Malhotra was attacked when he tried to inform the police. Eyewitnesses said some of his family members were also targeted. Reports say that the culprits were close to a former MLA but police are yet to confirm this and have assured that no one will be spared.

    Malhotra said, "They started beating me the moment they came. At least 20-30 people were there, all of them drunk. The person I stopped too had a bottle of liquor with him."

    This incident comes five days after a policeman was allegedly killed by an Akali Dal leader for trying to save his daughters from molesters.
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    Hmm.. seems like an exemplary punishment to a molester will set things towards a proper direction. Since police are not obliged to protect people, it becomes imperative that we carry concealed weapons. Once a molester gets shot in the head, all the other wannabees would think a hundred times before molesting another girl.
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