Punjab govt gave Rs82m to JD: papers

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    Punjab govt gave Rs82m to JD: papers

    LAHORE: The Punjab government gave more than Rs82 million to the Jamatud Dawa (JD) during the outgoing financial year, according to the budget documents for 2010-11.

    The supplementary budget for the outgoing fiscal presented before the provincial assembly for its approval reveals that the provincial government gave a grant of Rs79 million to the Markaz-i-Tayyaba, the JD headquarters in Muridke.

    Another sum of Rs3 million was given as grants to the schools run by the JD in the different districts of Punjab, according to the supplementary budget 2009-10.

    Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan admitted to having given the money to the JD.

    He told DawnNews on Tuesday that the money was given to these institutions after the organisation was banned (following the Mumbai attacks on Nov 26, 2008) and administrator was appointed by the government.

    The purpose of giving this grant, he said, was to continue the welfare services provided by the organisation’s sc hools, dispensaries and hospitals.

    A Punjab government spokesman denied having given money to the JD. He clarified that the grant had been given to the administrator for welfare services.

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    And passed the bill to the US for the war on terror??
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