Pune airbase security compromised?

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    It is nothing short of ' Pune's Adarshgate'. A 11 storey building has been erected, without requisite clearance, within 20 kilometres from the Lohegaon Air Force Base. The security hazard has so far been conveniently overlooked, both by the State Government and the Indian Air Force.

    Lohegaon airbase is the nerve centre of the Indian Air Force combat fleet in the southwest command and is the base for India's main fighter plane squad of Sukhoi30 and Jaguars. This IAF base's security, which is critical for the entire nation, has now been severely compromised.

    TIMES NOW Jugal Purohit reports, "Even a cursory glance surrounding the Lohegaon Air Force station will reveal that the 11 storey building is by far the tallest structure in the area and is growing by the day. However, the district authorities and the Indian Air Force have chosen to turn a blind eye to this rather disturbing development."

    Yes, this could well be Pune's 'Adarshgate' because this building -- a massive complex of more than 1,500 flats, has been built in violation of the rules. The building needs the IAF's permission for any construction within 20 kilometres of an air force base, which has not been procured.

    "A letter by the Indian Air Force's southwest command clearly says that the project indeed requires their NoC and yet the developer has not even bothered to apply for one," reports Jugal.

    This reply from the air force makes it clear the developers of the building have not got or sought any such permission. So then, How did this massive construction come up right next to the fighter base? One climb up into the building and you can get a clear view of the fighter base. Should an enemy get access here, targeting Sukhoi base is easy.

    Vivek Kharwadkar, Additional City Engineer, PMC said, "For instance no permission is granted between 900 metres from the Air Force boundary. So these kind of intricacies are there."

    The worry is national security, but the question is why no-one's objected so far when the papers filed by the company itself admit the air force base is less than half a kilometer away. What remains unexplainable is the silence maintained on the part of the air force authorities despite the admission by the developers of this 11-storey building.

    TIMES NOW asks:

    How did the air force not notice this massive construction right adjacent to the fighter base?

    If the air force officials knew, why did they not act on the visible construction next door to the air force base?

    How did the civil authorities process the papers for the construction?

    Can it be possible that no-one noticed a 1,500 flat building that's being constructed for over a year and half?

    The choice is now clear. If Adarsh is a security threat, then this one is even bigger. Will the airforce chief and the defence minister step in. And if they don't can India afford this security risk?

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