Prospects for Peace

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Iamanidiot, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Prospects for Peace « Major Bearls Oph Wisdom

    Intresting commentary
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    well few important things

    if pakistan is suffering from deep crisis, then now India can help, but in what manner and when? that is a big question and off course a detrimental.
    nobody but china and few other islamic states want to deal with pakistan, and they also as it seems take away more form pakistan then giving it anything.
    so now if they want to survive they need to look upon us, as improving relations with India will help them a bit if not fully.
    they want trade to improve their economy and employment sector- surely india can help but india should wait for lending helping hand until pakistan gets converted into punjab, sindh, baluchistan and KP.

    pakistani political lobby wants a space for itself in pakistan, its not like they are in power and then they are not in power next term, they are either alive and in power or they are in exile or may be dead. so if they want to make a space in that nation then they along with good amount of strategic input from India, pakistan army and isi cna be weakened to a level that they dont have any autonomous functioning which can harm India in any way other than in war.

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