Probe in cop training school sex scandal

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    Probe in cop training school sex scandal
    India - 27 april 2011

    MUMBAI: The state government has ordered a high-level probe in the alleged incident of sexual harassment of trainee women constables at the Kolhapur Police Training School, which first came to light on April 24. Following a complaint from one of the constables, the Shahupuri police registered a case against drill inspector Yuvraj Kamble, who has been arrested and suspended from service.

    With allegations that other officials too were involved in the sexual exploitation and that a number of unmarried women constables had been tortured, state home minister R R Patil on Wednesday announced that Maithili Jha, additional superintendent of police, Nashik (rural), had been appointed to probe the incident.

    Patil claimed that the complainant had reportedly received threats.

    "The incident on the basis of which the case has been registered occurred on January 14. The complainant approached the police three months later as she claims she was threatened," Patil said. While some unconfirmed reports had earlier claimed that as many as 11 trainee constables were subjected to sexual abuse at the training centre and were "pregnant", Patil said only one had so far come forward.

    Patil added that only two women constables at the centre were found to be pregnant.. "One of them is married and has not complained," he said.

    Not ruling out the involvement of other officials entirely, Patil claimed that Jha's role would involve interacting with other female trainees' constables to find out if they too were victims, and if they too had been threatened.

    Source: The Times of India

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