Pro-Independance sepratists to take on militants: vow to expose Showkat’s killers

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    Separatists vow to expose Showkat’s killers:
    Mukhtar Ahmed

    “Will defeat efforts to make Kashmir another Afghanistan”

    Srinagar, Apr 22: As separatist leaders today staged a second sit-in against the assassination of Jamiat-e-Ahli Hadees chief Maulvi Showkat Ahmad Shah, they also vowed to expose his killers even if they were in the pro-freedom camp. On the call of ‘All Party Conference’, some prominent separatist leaders offered Friday prayers at historic Jamia Masjid here today, and once again pledged that they would bring the facts about Maulana Showkat’s assassination before the public – come what may. Speaking on the occasion, Hurriyat–M chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said they (separatists) will not tolerate the targeting of their colleagues.

    Warning that Kashmir was inching towards Afghanistan way, Mirwaiz said the situation whence people in Afghanistan were killed over differences in opinion, won’t be allowed here. He said the separatist leaders will no longer remain silent over the killings “in the interest of the movement”. In a very guarded manner Mirwaiz blamed a particular kind of mindset, without actually spelling out what it was, for the anarchy in Afghanistan as well as in Kashmir.
    "Today we have to stand against this mindset which has plagued us everywhere. If we talk about Afganistan, it was under control but then a time came when this mindset wrecked havoc there. Some people thought that only they are right, that only their way is right," Mirwaiz said addressing supporters outside the Jamia Masjid here.

    “We have sacrificed more than one lakh people and have been taking on the might of second largest army in the world. Despite such power, India has not been able to break our resolve. But, there are some elements within us who are actually working against the mechanism of our freedom struggle,” Mirwaiz lamented.

    Today, separatist groups held sit-in protests for a second consecutive Friday against the killing of Shah in an IED blast on April 8.
    "All who are sitting here have come to a conclusion that we cannot remain silent anymore. Whosoever is the killer, whether the conspiracy was hatched by a group or a (militant) outfit or a leader or an (intelligence) agency or a country, all these hands of killers should be exposed before the people," Mirwaiz said.
    Referring to the 10-member ‘All Party Committee’ constituted to unmask the assassins of Moulana Showkat, Mirwaiz said the government too is investigating the assassination, “but we will neither accept nor reject it. The committee will cross-examine the government investigations and see how much truth it carries. We will also seek help from United Jihad Council (UJC) in this regard and if the killer turned out to be from our own people, we will expose him before the public.”

    Besides Mirwaiz, the joint protest was attended by JKLF chief Mohammad Yasin Malik, National Front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan, the acting Jamiat-e-Ahli Hadees chief Ghulam Rasool Malik, ‘Amir’ (chief) of Jamaat-e-Islami Sheikh Mohammad Hassan, Aga Syed Hassan of Anjuman-i-Sharai Shian and Hurriyat-G member Mohammad Altaf Shah.
    Hurriyat-G chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani did not attend the protest and had gone to north Kashmir's Baramulla district.
    Malik while addressing the gathering warned that some elements were trying to push Kashmiris towards a civil war.

    He said that time has come when the nation should know the truth about the killings of Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq, Abdul Gani Lone, Dr. Abdul Ahad Guroo, Qazi Nissar, Prof. Abdul Ahad Wani, Advocate Hussam-ud-Din, Mufti Jamal-ud-Din, Molvi Mushtaq Ahmad, Prof. Ramzan and now Moulana Showkat.
    “There is no way out but to speak truth before the nation about these killings. We have to be ready to face the realities so that no pro-freedom leader is killed outside a masjid or a shrine,” Malik said.

    He said that the assassination of Moulana Showkat led to a beginning of a “new movement wherein leaders from all the major religious and political parties gathered under one roof and offered Friday prayers in the same mosque where Shah was silenced forever”.
    He appealed to religious and political groups to come forward to defend the mosques and shrines which, he said, are facing a threat after the killing of Shah.
    Highlighting the role of youth in shaping-up the “freedom struggle” of a nation, Malik warned the Kashmiri youth against the machinations of those “who are spreading canards to exploit their gullible minds and to create difference of opinions aimed at breaking the resolve of freedom struggle in Kashmir”.
    Soon after the gathering dispersed, young boys threw stones at the police and paramilitary CRPF personnel who were deployed on the road outside the Jamia Masjid.

    Police, however, managed to control the stone-throwing and chased away the boys.
    Three people including the leader of an Islamic group Saut-ul-Haq have been arrested so far, which police claim planned and executed the bomb attack on Shah.
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    Lol only Geelani didn't attend. First clue.
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    A bunch of leaders, who took ages to admit to the identity of the murderers. Murderers, who didnt kill anyone unknown to them but their own friends, parents and brothers. What sort of people (who call themselves as leaders) would take so much of time and killings to finally come out in the open and say out aloud as to the identity of the murderers who killed their loved ones! Leaders, whose conscience wakes up only after decades!

    If these are the kind of humans that any Kashmiri has chosen to place their faith upon, then God save them!

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