Prime Minister of Pakistan, Wake up: Hector Aleem

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Peaceworldwide, Jan 12, 2015.

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    The speaker of Assembly should be neutral. But this speaker barks like a dog. This is totally insane. Minorities especially Christians have no rights in Pakistan. He looks less speaker and more dog. And there is no doubt that Rana Sana Ullah is a terrorist and is a member of Al Qaeda that is why he is against all minorities especially Christians. The meaning of quota system is that even if a person is not on merite he/she still gets the sit. There are examples in Gilgit and Kashmir where people got jobs even when they were not on merit. If that can happen then why are there restrictions for Christians? and you can see there is absolutely no freedom of speech in Pakistan. You can see they are shouting and are not letting him talk. I have been telling this again and again that the national census of Pakistan is not correct. They tell wrong census about Pakistani Christians because the government of Pakistan doesn’t want Christians to have more seats in senate, national and provincial assembly. How dare Rana Sanaullah talks about the merit? Can you see his ugly face? Does he look like that he came on merit? Speaking of Christian MNAs and MPAs, they should have resigned immediately but how can they resign because these Christian MNAs and MPAs are not elected but selected by these political parties. Each one of them are the puppets and personal servants of their parties that is why they cannot say, protest or raise voice against any discrimination against Christian.

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    It is because it is Pakistan.

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