"Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill" (PCTV Bill)

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    I got this message today

    Can anyone give status of this bill as there is not much coverage in mainstream media.

    Dear All,
    This is a very serious matter concerning Hindus and hence no media, newspapers or TV news channels is discussing it.

    Forward this message to a minimum of twenty people on your contact list; and in turn ask each of them to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in India will have this message.

    "Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill" (PCTV Bill)

    Read carefully what Dr. Subramanian Swamy has analysed about that Bill:

    Minority institutions including Jamait-e-Ulema are forcing Congress for passing this bill. Congress wants this bill to win 2014 election with 'Minority' votes.

    Salient features of The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill- PCTV Bill :-

    1) Based on the presumption that all 'Hindus are Criminals and Rioters' ,this law can be invoked only against Hindus by minorities. (the bill defines Muslims, Christians etc. as “the Minority Group” in (sec 3.e))

    2) Merely a complaint will be sufficient to file a FIR and the Hindu against whom the complaint is made, will be immediately arrested and assumed guilty UNLESS PROVEN otherwise (In normal criminal procedure, an accused is assumed innocent unless proven guilty);

    3) All crimes under this Bill are Cognizable and Non-bailable [Clause 56 of may 2011 version];

    4) It can trigger a new wave of extortion by minority groups against Hindus, the majority of whom are the working and business class. This will have colossal negative repercussions for the Indian economy.

    5) Section 129 states that for prosecution of offences under Sec 9 there will be no limitation of time. It means a 'Minority' can reopen all cases against Hindus, all past cases right from 1950 onwards.

    6) Under Sec. 42, A minority witness giving false statement before National authority CANNOT be prosecuted for giving FALSE evidence against a Hindu.

    Summary ?
    Just like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir,
    Hindus will be left with 3 options:
    (i) Convert
    (ii) Flee
    (iii) Suffer entire life

    Some useful info on Google groups.

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    I think there was already a thread on this....vote bank politics, bill wont go through as it goes against fundamental rights, that is a fair trial.

    Plus the bill also doesnt guarantee the same rights to hindus and other sections staying in areas where they are a minority. This bill will never be passed lol.

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