Praful Patel praises Modi, hints at ‘new developments’

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    Praful Patel praises Modi, hints at ‘new developments’

    The Congress Friday came in for sharp criticism from ally NCP over the alliance’s defeat in the Gujarat elections, with Union minister Praful Patel demanding a review of the reasons for the loss. Patel also praised Chief Minister Narendra Modi for leading the BJP to victory through good work and people’s trust in him.

    “In Gujarat, we had a tie-up with Congress in order to avoid division of secular votes. However, the ally put up candidates in all the seats NCP contested. A review should be done to find out who is responsible for the defeat in Gujarat,” Patel said, addressing party workers here.

    NCP had contested nine seats in the Assembly elections and its candidate won in two.

    “Ideologically, we are with Congress and will continue to be with them. But there is nothing wrong with thinking about our growth,” he said. “Modi was successful in gaining trust of the people. Modi won due to the work he has done,” Patel added.

    Promising some new “developments”, the NCP leader added: “We live in Delhi. We know that there are two-three leaders who enjoy respect of the people. And (Sharad) Pawar saheb is one of them. There are a lot of developments you will see in future in the country and in politics.”

    Adding that the era of single-party rule has ended, he said: “Let us make efforts to put Pawar saheb in a bigger place.”

    NCP leader Tariq Anwar, attending his first party meeting here after becoming Union minister, referred to senior Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi’s “invitation” to Union Agriculture Minister Pawar to join the NDA. “One should take note when even the enemy praises you,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Pawar pressed for a rethink on the quantum of subsidy in the Food Security Bill, touted as a ‘pet’ project of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, saying that such huge concessions could lead to “serious” food security problem.

    “A thought should be given to whether giving concession to 70 per cent populace across the board is necessary,” Pawar said, adding there was nothing wrong in “gaining popularity”, but the larger reality should be kept in mind. He was addressing NCP workers after inaugurating its renovated office here.

    Praful Patel praises Modi, hints at ‘new developments’ - Indian Express


    It seems that 2014 deadline is hotting up and becoming a psephologists nightmare.

    Modi lined up and inspired galaxy of politicians cutting across political divides.

    Now, it appears that tat the NCP, which is no pushover in Maharastra which has a large voice in national politics, is edging closer to BJP and the NDA.

    But the flip side is that Nitish Kumar is slowly edging away.

    2014 will be an interesting election.

    However, the manner is which the scams have rolled out like a TV soap serial, and the dithering in governance indicated with gleeful abandon, along with rising prices and economic slowdown, and now with the total failure in the law and order department with internecine squabbling, it does not portend a healthy wind blowing the Congress' way.

    And now with the NCP showing rebellion and intentions to break ranks, it appears that the Congress' cup is brimming over with sorrow in the offing!

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