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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by Kunal Biswas, May 30, 2011.

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    Kiwi invents powerful jetpack

    Kiwi invents powerful jetpack

    Great military apps here, US Army interested..
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    I have always thought of making my own jet pack as well but i never knew the difficulties of R&D in such areas till i spoke with the Scientists of GTRE on all the possible ideas to improve Kaveri i was a little surprised to know they had tried everything we think is a good idea or is wrong with the engine. I asked them about everything from Carbon Fiber cladding's to cut weight to smaller cores and they had tried everything that we folks take for granted during a forum discussion thinking they may not have know better. Its only then i realized the difficult of R&D in these areas and how advanced it is.

    I once made an Gasifier to run an engine from extracting gas from burning wood and wood debris. It looked easy but only when i got to work did i really see the difficult in getting it to produce producer gas. This inventor has spent 30years on developing it and spent $12 million on development and here i am having wet dreams of making my own jet pack with aircraft engines one of my relatives manufacture! I can now appreciate what he has done, to get even one invention working it is a whole life of dedication.
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