Post-Davis , 30 US spies halt covert mission, flee Pakistan

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    ISLAMABAD: At least 30 suspected covert US operatives have suspended their activities in Pakistan and 12 have left the country following the arrest of CIA contractor Raymond Davis late last month, a media report said on Monday.

    In the wake of Davis' arrest in Lahore on January 27 for gunning down two men, Pakistan's intelligence agencies began scrutinising records of Americans living in the country and discovered "several discrepancies" .

    This caused "many suspected US operatives to maintain a low profile and others to leave the country" , the Express Tribune newspaper quoted its sources as saying.

    The foreign ministry says there are 851 Americans with diplomatic immunity in Pakistan , of whom 297 are not working in a diplomatic capacity . Interior ministry sources said that the number of US non-diplomats is 414.

    The majority of these "special Americans" , as the interior ministry refers to them, are concentrated in Islamabad, while others live in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

    Interior ministry records state most of the "special Americans" live in upscale neighbourhoods in Islamabad and Lahore, with smaller presences in Karachi and Peshawar , the report said.

    Most of these Americans are "suspected of being operatives of US intelligence agencies who are on covert missions in Pakistan" and report to the US Joint Special Operations Command, according to the sources.

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