Poll-stung BJP puts off brainstorming

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Apr 3, 2012.

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    The BJP is no longer looking as a party with a difference!

    The volte face in UP in the act of selecting a tainted defector from Mayawati's stable, the fiasco over the RS nomination in Jharkhand, the defeat of Khanduri because of internal manipulations and the simmering dissent within the party is not showing that it is a party that is moving on sound politics.

    The chaos that Congress is in alongside with Khurshed on his own trip promising the world to the Muslims and being spurned by the same said Muslims who saw through his and the Congress sham, the antics of Anthony, the hopelessness displayed in handling Mamta Bannerjee, the dangerous game in AP stirring the hornets nest by targeting YSR's son, does not instil confidence and instead fills one with despondency.

    What behold India in the next election?

    A coalition of a motley crowd of self seeking individuals and parties leading us into greater chaos?
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    Which sources article writer is talking about ?? I read one line sources say, "our leaders are either in shock or apathy." 
Sounds crazy to me.They knew they're not gonna win UP elections than how can you say they're in shock.
You know whenever I read articles on BJP like this, I always laugh.Always negative lines with a special time gape.
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