Poll rout kills PM’s Pak trip, Bangla deal

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    Poll rout kills PM’s Pak trip, Bangla deal - The Times of India

    TNN | Dec 9, 2013, 12.27 AM IST

    NEW DELHI: While the verdict on Sunday may have put paid to any major initiative the UPA was planning in India's neighbourhood, India's larger policy measures already in place — like engagements with Gulf and East Asia — are unlikely to be impacted by the government's lameness in the wake of these poll results.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has found his hands tied on Pakistan, a country he has wanted to long visit, and the Congress party is unlikely to allow him any leeway, stung as it is by the verdict. Sources in the establishment admitted on Sunday that whatever hope there was for such a visit may be dead now. Singh again seemed to be engaging Pakistan after he was persuaded into having a meeting with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif's advisor for foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz. To be fair to the PM, he knew visiting Pakistan would entail a grave risk his party would never feel comfortable with and so gave no such commitment to Aziz.

    It is, in fact, Bangladesh which is going to test the government which shied away from introducing the Land Boundary Agreement in Rajya Sabha last week despite having suggested so earlier. It is widely believed that the exchange of enclaves as envisaged by the agreement is in India's national interest as it could give a leg up to the favourably inclined Sheikh Hasina government ahead of crucial polls in the neighbouring country.

    The government, however, has failed to take the opposition into confidence. Its plan now is to introduce the bill in Rajya Sabha which will ensure that it remains alive in the next Parliament. The last time it tried to introduce the bill in Rajya Sabha, the AGP physically prevented it from doing so. How a moribund government can convince the BJP remains to be seen.

    Officials, however, are of the view that certain other foreign policy measures have acquired a momentum of their own and won't suffer from any government inaction. These include India's participation at Geneva II on Syria next month and also likely investments from countries like the UAE and Kuwait. The government is all set to sign a Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement on Thursday with the UAE which, it hopes, will open the floodgates for investment inflows.

    "Apart from the Gulf, engagements with East Asia will continue as Japan PM Shinzo Abe visits India next month. Before that, the South Korean president will also be here,'' said a source.

    "Relations with US in energy and defence will also intensify as all parties are in favour of it,'' the official added. Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh is currently on a visit to the US.
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    I believe the BJP is on board with the rough contours of the bill and has agreed for the bill to be tabled in the RS. They are not ready to pass the bill in LS, apparently they want TMC and AGP ( two potential allies) to be on board.
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