Politicians queue up for 'Z-plus' security

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    NEW DELHI: More politicians are getting "Z-plus" security and the new entrants include Union minister Beni Prasad Verma and BSP MP Brajesh Pathak months after the list of VIPs in this category was pruned during P Chidambaram's tenure as home minister.

    Verma, the Steel minister, was provided with the enhanced security cover, after he claimed he was receiving threatening calls.

    Asked whether the Z-plus security was justified for him, Verma cited his frequent visits to steel plants and mines in Naxal-hit Chattisgarh and receiving threatening calls.

    He claimed that he had been provided security since early 90's and was downgraded for some period during which he had started receiving telephone calls prompting the government to upgrade his security.

    "I am also seen as opponent of (Samajwadi Party chief) Mulayam Singh Yadav and there are political rivalries," he said.

    Chidambaram during his tenure as home minister had also ensured that the list of VIPs enjoying enhanced security is properly scrutinized. As a result, several politicians, retired bureaucrats and some journalists lost the security cover.

    However, after Chidambaram's departure from the home ministry, politicians have again queued up for enhanced security cover. Some of them have been specific in asking for para-military commandos of their choice, officials associated with the developments said today.

    The home ministry issued a directive for providing commando security cover to Verma following an "analysis" of various inputs suggesting that he faces a high security threat, they said.

    Politicians queue up for 'Z-plus' security - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site
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    I am not in the security business, but I think the callers aren't the ones who are an actual threat.
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    Ofcourse Shinde can give out Z plus security to politicians even if the case is non-deserving. Chidambaram's tenure was different, he gives out the last word & then nobody dares to argue or ask for more favors. He is a no nonsense person.

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